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Digital Business Card Features


Lightning speed

Server & Speed certainly matters uptime is 99.9% with lightning speed


Social Network

38 social media links with call-to-action buttons.


Share Anywhere

You can share your Business card to all those potential customers globally.


Unlimited videos

Upload those impressive videos so that your customer knows you better.


Product Description

Detail your product & convince the prospect


Add to Contacts

Just few clicks and you will be part of your customers contact list.


Click To WhatsApp

Share via whatsapp, still when your number is not saved.


PDF File

For premium service, adding pdf is a great feature.


Starting Plan


Step into the future of client engagement, where connecting and interacting takes on a whole new level of awesome! So why stick to the traditional when you can embrace the extraordinary? Join the revolution of client engagement and unlock a world of endless possibilities with our amazing digital business card. Get ready to wow your client, leaving a lasting impression, and have a blast while doing it. Trust us, you've never experienced client interaction like this before!

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Make Real Connections With Contactless Business Cards

With Itzme, all you need is the QR code on the card with your trusty mobile device, and Voila! You can quickly, access, save, share, and exchange contact details like magic, but without rabbits.

And here's the cherry on top: Need to make changes to your Itzme digital business card? No worries, just update it in the app and everyone who has your card will automatically have the updated deets.

The pandemic has made us all more aware of contactless interactions. Thankfully Itzme is here to save the day. It's like a virtual high-five for germophobes!

So why wait? Embrace the digital revolution, trust us, your pockets and the planet will thank you.


Savvy Networking
with Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are like the hip and modern version of traditional business cards. Instead of carrying a stack of them, you can create your own fancy Itzme digital card right on your computer or phone. It’s super easy, we promise!

These digital gems pack a punch with all your contact data neatly organized and ready to be shared by simply clicking a button on social media or scanning a funky QR code. It’s like a high-tech, virtual version of shouting “Hey, check me out!” To the world.

The best part? You can do digital wonders by customizing your digital business cards. You can change colors, and fonts, and add your personal touch to make a statement. Now, updating your card is a breeze.

Our outstanding brand Itzme offers you customization of your digital business card and helps you shine and show Off your business in the most fabulous way. Give our digital business card a try and embed yourself as classy, trendy, and a whole lot of fun!

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Step into the future of networking with our NFC business card.


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An Itzme digital business card replaces a traditional printed one. Digital business cards benefit both businesses and individuals.

In contrast to traditional business cards, they are more informative, have more scope for conveying the right message, and are more engaging, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

In some instances, they are also known as virtual, electronic, or e-visiting cards.

You can share your card/link through WhatsApp, SMS, email, Facebook, or LinkedIn by clicking the share icon, with WhatsApp, SMS, and email being the preferred methods.

If you meet in person, ask for their WhatsApp number and send it via WhatsApp without adding it.

The business link below can be copied and pasted anywhere Scanning QR codes with mobile cameras

It is a replacement for a typically printed card. With everything going digital in this era, paper business cards are no longer in use.

Share your intended business details with clients using the printed card when meeting in person or over virtual meetings, and feel the difference!

It has 10+ unmatchable features that will help you connect with your prospects and convert them into a deal.

Features like background theme, add-to-contact, About Us, unlimited YouTube videos, images up to 40, product description, contact form, view count, and infinite sharing options altogether make Itzme a value-for-money investment.

With the help of the Itzme digital business card, you no longer have to carry the cards in your pocket or bag. You can share it within seconds through your cell phone. It will surely leave a lasting impression on the people you meet in person or virtually.

Yes, you don't need to have any technical background

  • ➔ Simply Login
  • ➔ Signup or log in with Google
  • ➔ Start filling out the application form
  • ➔ Upload images and paste the Social site links
  • ➔ Fill in the details and submit an agreement to terms and policy
  • ➔ Review and Make the payment
  • ➔ Congratulations! Your Itzme Digital Visiting Card is ready to share!

Share unlimitedly, upload unlimited YouTube links, be fully customizable, and upload up to 40 images.

Not exactly like a typical e-commerce website, but yes, you can upload images, upload videos, and paste payment links or mention a Google Pay number.

Yes, Call the sales number, +91 9987941302, or fill out the contact form.

Yes, one link can be designed for only one individual.

Payment via credit card will be automatically deducted next year, while payment activation via the support team must be done manually.

A sleek, clean design that helps you stand out, a unique approach to contactless networking on the go, and a sense of elegance that makes a good first impression With features such as background theme, add to contact, About Us, unlimited YouTube videos, images up to 40, business description, contact form, view count, infinite sharing options, and adding a PDF file, Itzme is the fastest-growing and most popular digital business card across the globe.


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