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Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card, a modern technique to share your contact details. Design your Business Card Online in a simple and easy way. With Itzme you can easily customize your own Digital Visiting Cards free and elegantly. It is very easy to manage as you can edit it anytime anywhere.

Digital Business Cards are a virtual way to express yourself and promote your business in a professional manner. It helps you to showcase your project online by uploading it on it. You can make the digital business card more attractive by adding photos, videos and custom links to it.

This is the right tool for you to make your first impression the best in front of your clients. It creates a great impression which helps you to grow your network and business.

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Digital Business Card Features


Lightning speed

Server & Speed certainly matters uptime is 99.9% with lightning speed


Social Network

38 social media links with call-to-action buttons.


Share Anywhere

You can share your Business card to all those potential customers globally.


Unlimited videos

Upload those impressive videos so that your customer knows you better.


Product Description

Detail your product & convince the prospect


Add to Contacts

Just few clicks and you will be part of your customers contact list.


Click To WhatsApp

Share via whatsapp, still when your number is not saved.


PDF File

For premium service, adding pdf is a great feature.


Digital Business Card

A digital business card which is also known as Virtual or Electronic Business Card. This is a virtual business card that connects all your digital contact information and can be shared easily through social media. This can be customized as per your need and requirement, this includes all your information like name, contact number, website etc.

These digital cards can be easily created on desktop or mobile with few simple steps. It allows you to save your digital business cards on numerous devices like mobile, tablets, laptops etc and can be conveniently shared with just one person at any time. This is a modern way of sharing your business information to your clients or partners. Your clients need to simply scan the QR code on the digital business card, check the details and can easily save it on their smartphone with the help of a single click.

This is an advanced version of a paper visiting card with more features to operate. Unlike visiting cards, it can be easily customized as and when required. Itzme Digital business cards are customizable.

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Client engagement reinvented, revolutionize the way you connect and interact. Engage with your clients to its fullest, express yourself in ways never before possible with our digital business card.

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Keeping in touch with clients is more convenient and paperless this way through digital business cards. This makes it extremely easy for your clients to interact with you and it can have a great impact on your business. With your mobile device you can easily scan the QR Code on your digital business card, it displays your contact information and you can easily save it. The major benefit of doing this is you can save all your contacts on your smartphone in seconds without manually entering them.

Effects of COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a way that customers' preferences now have changed fundamentally - contactless experiences are highly in demand now a days. By using Itzme digital business cards, you can safely share your contact information with anyone without having any physical contact.

With the use of Digital Business Card one can easily change or update any information in the card unlike the traditional card. It is more convenient to the user and also the receiver to have the updated information. Nor is there a need to print the cards manually nor do you need to carry the cards manually along with you always. These digital cards are always stored in your smartphones.

Itzme is a well known face in the industry for making digital visiting cards online, with a few simple steps they help you to get your online digital business cards, which you can easily share with your clients. It is instantly created and help you to grow your network


Step into the future of networking with our NFC business card.


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It is time to go digital and increase your business with an e-business card created by the professional team of Itzme. We have supported many businesses and people in boosting their sales, connections, efficiency, and reliability.

With everything going digital in this era, paper business cards are no longer in use. Itzme is a group of digital visiting card maker online who are well-versed with the techniques of making it. You can easily share your intended business details with clients using the digital card when meeting in person or over virtual meetings.

With the help of electronic business cards, you no longer have to carry the cards in your pocket or bag. You can share it within seconds through your cell phone. It will surely leave a lasting impression on the people you meet in person or virtually. We use outstanding layouts, templates, and images in the creation of digital visiting card online without overlooking any details. You can expect the best work done by our company within the mentioned time frame.

Every year, nearly 2 million trees are cut down just to print business cards. It is already a significant reason to switch to visiting card digital and protect the environment and trees from cutting down. The goal of Itzme about entering the digital card making industry has always been to save the paper and commitment towards sustaining the Earth planet.

Itzme has been serving a huge clientele for decades, including top brands and large-scale businesses. We always make sure that our clients are using contact-free digital cards in their everyday life. Our clients worry about nothing when they know they are in expert hands. At the global level, we have provided our digital card services to several clients. In short, we are a reliable, enterprise-grade solution.


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