Can I add a hyperlink, image, or video to my business card? You indeed can if you are using a virtual visit card. Since everyone has gone digital and use their smartphones and desktops to store information, about 88% of paper visiting cards end up in the trash bin! If you are looking forward to going digital in terms of sharing information with your partners, clients, and customers a business, then it is time to switch to a digital business card.

A digital card for business is a great approach for you and your company. It is like a file that contains information about the company to share with others. You can share all the company details in one click. You can add several social media links along with the name, position, and contacts to your digital card. It helps you reach out to a bigger audience in comparison to paper business cards.

A few key advantages of creating a virtual business card for your company are:

  • Easy communication. If you want to share your company details with anyone, you can share it digitally via messengers, social media, email signatures, etc.
  • Simple to use. There is no need to design the layout or print of your card on your own. At the online platform, many companies will help you.
  • Unlimited space. Unlike paper business cards, you can add as many information, videos, images, or links to the digital card. It has unlimited space.
  • Conversion. There are many engagement tools like survey links, videos, subscription forms, etc., that will help you increase conversion rate and help you make new clients.
  • Uniqueness. Having a digital business card is a boon to the company‚Äôs image. It makes your business introduction unique and stands you one level up to your competitors.

How Can I Create a Digital Business Card?

Creating a digital card is like a walk in the park with the support of Itzme. We will help you get the best virtual business card ready inside a short period. Get in touch with the top digital card makers today!

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