To promote your business, it is very important to have an attractive business card. It plays as a powerful marketing tool for your business. So it is very necessary that you put effort into making business cards. It has been noticed a black and white business card won’t give an attractive look and is likely to be thrown away easily.

Using attractive colours to design your business card can be very powerful. This article will help you to select the colours according to psychology, the importance of colour on business cards and what colors are perfect to pick. ‍

What is color psychology?

Color psychology refers to the study of color and the way they affect human emotions and behavior. Choice of colors affects the human mind according to Carl Jung as he started studying effects of different colors.

What role does color psychology play in marketing and advertising?

You will find color psychology is used less in therapist’s offices  as compared in marketing and advertising. The way the consumers perceive a brand highly affects the purchasing decisions of consumers  and the color highly impacts the perception. Hence for this reason the advertisers use color psychology to select the colors that change the emotions of a customer.

‍The color selection is not only used for the positive emotions of consumers. It is also highlighted for negative usage of products. Colors like red, brown are widely used for consumers of cigarettes to warn them and show them the effects of smoking.‍

The psychology of using color is very strong, but to know the benefits of every color you need to select the perfect color. The meaning of colors differs from location to location, though most colors have a common definition. ‍‍

When it comes to business cards, what is the best color?

There is no defined size, colors, shape to create business cards. It is customized based on your business. You have a unique brand, so the colors you use should also be unique. If you are aware of your brand colors you can use the same to maintain a consistency in your brand identity. If your brand doesn’t have any specific colors you can make use of colors of your personal choice. You can select those colors based on your personal choice preference, goal of your business card etc.

Picking the right color in a paper business card can be very difficult as there are chances that the colors you choose won’t come out the same way when you get printed out and this can turn out to be a waste of your money. But in digital business cards there is a benefit of using various colors and it would appear the same way you want it to be. The reprint cost of those paper business cards is saved. Digital business cards are very easy and less expensive as compared to paper business cards.

If you wish to get yourself a digital business card, we would recommend Itzme. It is a well known digital business card app. They are completely customized and you get a good range of colors to select for your business cards that would match your business. ‍

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