1. Make an account

The first step to creating an event business card is to set up an Itzme account. You can sign up using the iOS or Android apps or the web app. All the tools you need to create a digital business card are included in the free plan. It allows you to create up to four business cards for yourself, share them via QR code, email, text, or NFC, and even import Google Contacts.

2. Create a digital business card

Conferences exchange hundreds of business cards, but only memorable ones get results, so it is important to create a card that stands out from the rest. Make a new card just for networking, or even better, for the event you’re attending. Start by adding these five must-haves to every business card, but don’t stop there. Customize your business card design, you can add videos to it, or change color to make it look different. ‍

3. Share your card

Now once your business card is created, its now time to share it with your contacts. Unlike paper business cards it can be easily shared and exchanged. With the help of Itzme share your digital business card using your unique QR code, text, link, email, iMessage, Siri, Apple watch and more.

4. Organize your new contacts

Managing contacts can be a bit difficult but it can be easily done through Itzme. First you create a card specific to every event which you attend. This will help you to automatically link the contacts you meet in the event to your event card. You can also add notes to every contact so that you can track what discussions you had. It is also possible to use custom tags to categorize contacts. Whether they are networking connections, co-worker or client. Add a tag to it and group them, this way you can manage all the contacts you meet.

5. Understand what digital business cards are

We gave you a brief understanding about digital business cards and how they are. It is the best tool to be used in conferences and events, but still there is so much to know about it. Itzme is a simple and easy app for creating and sharing digital business cards.

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