Business cards are very important thing for any business to market their products or services and build a brand image.  But at the same time we need to understand that paper business cards causes negative impact on environment. Itzme – a leading digital business card app took the efforts to understand how it is affecting the environment and how the use can be reduced. With the research they came up with the idea of digital business cards. Digital business cards are environmental friendly, more effective and very safe

How does traditional paper business cards impact the environment

‍Every year 100 billion paper business cards are printed. To understand how paper business cards impact the environment, we researched 4 ecological factors like the number of trees that are cut, amount of water used, waste that is produced and carbon dioxide that is released in the process of production. Research has shown that billions of gallons of water, millions of trees and ‍lot of waste and carbon dioxide are released every year in paper business card production.

How Does Going Digital Impact the Environment

By going digital businesses can reduce the use of paper which can directly affect saving trees, lesser use of water and reduction in waste and carbon emissions. These majorly impact our environment and can be controlled

As digital business cards are digitally available it can be shared multiple times without causing any effect on the environment. One can easily create it online through online digital business card apps like Itzme. The company need not order new cards for every new employee who joins. And the cost of re-ordering is also saved in case of any typo error or if there are any changes. This way the cost is also saved.

‍If suppose every year a 100 employee company orders for around 250 business cards per employee then there is lot to save by switching to digital business cards like one tree, gallons of water that is used, the carbon emissions can be reduced and even there would be no waste that could affect our environment

These numbers keep increasing with the increase in the number of employees. And by going digital the waste is also reduced. Every business should be thinking about the environment as well. Itzme analyzed the impact of printing business cards on the environment in 2022 and by doing digital we have saved a lot of trees which will help the environment to be healthy and green, the usage of water is saved, there is no wastage and nor carbon dioxide affects the environment.‍


Though using paper business cards might seem to have a small impact on the environment but it causes a huge impact on the environment. And this keeps on increasing when you order more cards or re order it for typos etc.

Digital Business cards are very environment friendly, easy and safe to use. If you wish to contribute in saving your environment you can create your digital business card from Itzme today!‍

Digital business cards not only help you to save earth but also a great medium to create contacts and impressions among your clients. As a result, you will be able to stand out from your peers. ‍

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