You don’t have to be a social butterfly or a networking expert to make a perfect introduction. There are five simple steps to mastering self-introduction. Learn how you can improve your networking skills by following those five steps.

Introducing yourself at network events

1. Identify your target audience

Prepare for a networking event by doing a little research a few days before you go. Learn who will be attending, what industries will be represented, and with whom you might want to connect. If you are aware whom you are going to introduce yourself to, it will become easy to understand which points will help you to spark your conversation.

2. Prepare a quick pitch

Now it’s time to prepare for a good pitch, this will help people understand about you and your work. Do not prepare your pitch as if you are reciting something, explain your business the way it is true and keep it more simple. Try to express yourself completely through this pitch.

It is very important to keep in mind that this event is supposed to be done quickly so keep it short and simple and finish it off soon. Once you are done with your introduction, now you can show interest in them. ‍

3. Ask a question

Make it more interactive by asking questions to people. This keeps the conversation flowing. You can initially start with simple questions like what do they do and why did they attend the event. Then you can proceed with the other icebreaker questions to get more ideas.

4. Listen

Asking questions will help you to strengthen your network relationship with the people but this can work for sometime after a point just stop and listen to people. Now it’s time to listen to what they feel, people like to be heard and this is the best opportunity to show your active listening skills to start a deeper conversation. Also make notes to use those points later.‍

5. Exchange business cards

After you’re done with all the conversation and once you have made a new connection, don’t let the hard work go to waste. Make sure you share your digital business cards with them so that they are connected to you. Make your business card and optimize it for conferences and share it with them.

If you wish to create conference ready business cards you can start it with Itzme, it’s a top rated digital card website. You can easily create one for you and share it with your contacts. It’s much more effective than normal visiting card

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