After you’ve created your digital business cards on your mobile device, find out how to log into the Itzme Web App.

Using Itzme’s web and mobile apps, you can access your digital business cards wherever you are. You can make your business card on your mobile device and then sign in to the web app later by using the Switch to Desktop feature.‍

The Switch to Desktop feature allows you to log in to your Itzme account on another device without reentering login credentials. Learn how to use Switch to Desktop on your mobile device in the following sections. ‍

Using the QR code on the Itzme web app, you can log in to the mobile app from the web app.

Steps To Log Into Itzme Web App From the Mobile App

1. Open Itzme mobile app and click on more tab

2. Select Switch to Desktop

3. Select Ok

4. Then open the email and click Log In To Itzme

5. Now Start using Itzme from the Web App

You still don’t have an Itzme account? Itzme is an app to create digital business cards which helps to make networking efficient and makes it convenient in creating connections with others. Itzme is completely free to download and creates digital business cards easily.

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