In the past years there are 2 business cards that have started gaining popularity; those are digital business cards and Near field communication (NFC) business cards. As the name suggests digital business cards are the electronic version of paper business cards that are stored on mobile or desktop and can easily be shared through QR code, message or email.

NFC business cards are those types which transmit the information electronically among two nearby devices. Though an add on piece of hardware is required, through NFC tags you can share your business card with a single tap. People who wish to cut back on paper waste and have a digital identity will love to use this.

‍Like all the products, NFC has its pros and cons. With the help of this article, we will be able to understand everything.

Here are some Pros and Cons of NFC business cards

If you are an entrepreneur or global enterprise, it’s important to educate about buying decisions. ‍


  • A technology that enables you to tap and go
  • An opportunity for branding
  • A reusable product
  • Factor “cool”


  • There is a possibility of unreliable functionality
  • Risks of increased security
  • Compared to digital alternatives, it is more expensive
  • Due to the hardware requirements, it is not available for immediate use (i.e., shipping times).
  • In-person sharing is limited to smartphones with NFC capabilities.
  • Business cards aren’t the most eco-friendly option

‍If you wish to create any NFC business card, Itzme is the best app to create.

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