Networking is an important skill but still there is scope of improvement when it comes to making good connections. If you are trying to grow your network there are chances you might be making these common mistakes in building up the network. Below listed are few common networking mistakes

1. Lack of networking
Many People make the mistake of not networking entirely, this may seem very obvious. You might have a lot of excuses for not growing your network but now it’s time to let them go.
This is the time to start your networking effectively. No matter what stage your career is at, a strong and effective network will help you to get success. Establishing a relationship is the major key in getting help, so do not wait until you need it to network.

2. Not dressing the part
The way you present yourself affects a first impression despite the idea that people wouldn’t judge a book by its cover. So be sure to look professional the next time when you are attending a networking event. Dressing apart always doesn’t mean wearing formal wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident

3. Having an attitude
Whenever you attend an event, be positive and give proper space in knowing each other. People understand when the other person is not interested in knowing them. If you go with the attitude that makes people think that you are presence is true and natural and you might not have long lasting connections

4. Not exchanging information
You made a connection, it’s great but then do not forget to share your information. If you think you will easily find them on social media, post the event but that’s not easy. The moment you make a connection it is important that you share your details with them. In the world of digital it is now very easy to share the information with your networks.
Itzme is a great app to create digital business cards. You can easily create a digital business card online; it is completely customized and easy to create. You can add all your details on it and share it easily with your contacts. This creates a good impression among people

5. Being unprepared
Coming unprepared into an networking event, not knowing how to introduce, what to say is completely a disaster. It is very important to practice for the event, prepare your introduction, practice how to present yourself and glance at a few networking tips.

6. Not asking questions
People like to interact; if you just talk about yourself there are chances of having a short term relationship. Ask those questions they would love. Don’t wait for them to start the conversation and introduce themselves rather you try asking them first

7. Not being Honest
Be honest while you create your network. Let them know just the truth. You might try manipulating or hiding the small facts but that would later on come out and can cause severe damage.

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