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You can turn your Itzme business cards into an interactive profile that is available via smartphone, tablet, and PC by using our eco-friendly digital business card solution.In less than a week, 88% of paper business cards are discarded. This indicates that a paper business card has a very limited lifespan and is only intended for one usage. Even though some digital business card makers demand a monthly fee to save your data, this is still significantly less expensive than the price of printing business cards in bulk on cardstock. Customers and businesses now have different expectations of each other. Customers now demand that firms act sustainably and responsibly.

By keeping more trees in the ground and more paper business cards out of landfills, digital business cards are reducing the quantity of paper consumed annually around the world. Low ROI for paper business cards.

Why? because you can't monitor how well they generate leads. In the first week, 88% of business cards are tossed away. However, businesses continue to spend, on average, close to $200 USD annually on paper business cards. We agree with your ESG approach. Within a week of being received, more than 90% of business cards are discarded. Changing the format of your business cards to digital is a simple way to boost your environmental credentials.

The affordability of digital business cards is another benefit. You don't have to spend money on printing or shipping charges like you would with conventional business cards. However, using digital business cards lessens the need to cut down trees for paper.

As a result, the environment is safe and preserved for the beneficial inhalation of clean and fresh air. Compared to physical business cards, digital cards are more affordable. Contrary to traditional cards, the cost of designing, printing, and reproducing these cards won't be very high. For smaller enterprises, the cost of paper cards for printing is prohibitively expensive.

You may save that money and invest it in other areas of your business instead of paying hundreds of Rands a year to have your business card thrown in the trash. Contactless. Itzme Digital Business Cards will endure since they don't require any actual contact in an age where social distance is the norm.,

You'll not only be saving a tonne of money, but you'll also be able to spend it more wisely and economically, which is something that every company aspires to.

It's important to keep in mind that hiring a designer to create a business card design might be costly as well, unless you don't mind utilising a basic one.


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Every day, millions of visitors cards are printed and exchanged with esteem clients. Many people keep the cards for a while, but eventually throw them away, which wastes paper and loses our information. In addition to saving paper, digital cards allow us to stay in touch with our clients forever. By eliminating printing, wasting and throwing away paper, we are saving the earth and going paperless.