Create fully customizable card templates with your logo, image gallery, and colour scheme, making your Itzme digital business card uniquely yours Itzme offers you the freedom to create a personalized and tailored representation of your brand through our digital business cards that truly reflects your individuality and showcase your business in the best possible way. You can seamlessly integrate the logo, and images, along with colour scheme customization. By simply combining these customization options, you have the flexibility to create a digital business card that reflects the core brand story of your company. Read more



A rich content showcase presents comprehensive imagery of your brand and the offerings it provide. It goes beyond exchanging business cards, offering clients or collaborators a deep insight into your work, style and expertise. Itzme allows its users to leverage multimedia elements, which allows users to create an engaging and memorable experience that sets them apart from the competition. Irrespective of your professionalism, whether you’re an artist, designer, photographer, or entrepreneur, a rich content showcase provides a versatile platform to express yourself exclusively. Share your accomplishments, and build meaningful connections with your clients. It’s a modern and effective way to enhance your brand and make a versatile impact in the digital world. Read more


Go beyond the essentials. Itzme users need to include their social network profiles, payment methods, and website in their digital business cards to ensure that their customers can have easy access to all the information they need digitally. It helps the clients and customers reach out to you on a professional front for your products/services. It’s important to ensure that the provided contact information is up to date and regularly monitored by the experts to provide timely responses to incoming queries and maintain a positive customer experience. Read more



Itzme offers an option that provides convenient and effortless ways for users to share their Itzme cards with others through various channels. Itzme users can send their Itzme digital business cards as an attachment to their prospective clients and colleagues. Text messaging enables users to send their Itzme card directly to others via SMS. Through QR codes embedded into your digital business cards, users can easily share it by simply displaying the code on a screen or printing it on physical materials such as business cards or posters. This enables effortless sharing in physical spaces. NFC ( Near Field Communication ) enabled devices are particularly useful in in-person networking situations where a quick exchange of information is desired. Itzme digital business cards can be integrated into an email signature, allowing users to automatically include their cards as a part of their email communication. Read more


A robust analytics dashboard is a powerful tool that helps businesses track various aspects of their operations to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies. It also empowers businesses to track prospecting activities, monitor card performance, and gain valuable insights. By measuring user engagement by location, device, and interaction frequency, you can optimize your marketing strategies and improve your overall business performance. You can identify successful tactics and allocate resources to the most productive channels. Read more



At Itzme, ensuring the security and privacy of our data is one of your data is one of our utmost priorities. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive information and maintaining the trust you place in us. By implementing measures such as Data Protection policies, , Non-disclosure agreements (NDA), Security data storage, Access control, Regular security audits, Regular security audits, Third-party evaluations, compliance with regulations, Regular updates and patches, Secure communication channels, Transparent privacy policy, we aim to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your data is safe and protected. We continuously assess and improve our security and privacy practices to adapt to evolving threats and maintain the integrity of your information. Read more


Itzme enables their users to CRM. CRM integration refers to the ability to connect and integrate customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as HubSpot, Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce. This integration allows businesses to consolidate all their leads, customer data, and interactions in one central location, providing a unified view of their customer relationship. So overall businesses are benefited from their improvised efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and driven growth by effectively managing customer interactions and leveraging data-driven insights. Read more

A digital business card is an electronic version of a traditional paper business card that allows you to share your contact information, website, social media, and other details with others using a mobile device.
You can create your digital business card on ItzMe by signing up for an account and using their easy-to-use card builder tool. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize the design and content to fit your brand.
Yes, ItzMe offers a range of customization options, including templates, colors, fonts, images, and more. You can create a unique digital business card that reflects your brand and personality.
You can share your digital business card with others by sending them a link via email, text message, or social media. You can also use QR codes or NFC technology to share your card in person.
Yes, ItzMe's digital business card platform is compatible with all devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android.
Yes, ItzMe provides analytics tools that allow you to track how many people have viewed your digital business card, as well as other useful data such as click-through rates, location data, and more.
No, there is no limit to how many digital business cards you can create on ItzMe.
Yes, you can add your social media links to your digital business card, including links to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other profiles.
ItzMe takes data security seriously and uses SSL encryption and other security measures to protect your information. Additionally, you can choose which information to share and with whom.
Yes, you can edit or update your digital business card at any time using ItzMe's card builder tool. You can also delete or archive cards that you no longer need.
ItzMe offers a range of pricing plans, including a free basic plan and paid plans with additional features and customization options. The pricing varies based on the plan you choose.
Yes, ItzMe allows you to use your name with your digital business card. This can help to strengthen your brand identity and make your card more memorable.
Yes, ItzMe allows you to download a PDF version of your digital business card, which you can then print or share as needed.
Yes, ItzMe provides customer support via email and live chat. They also have a knowledge base with helpful articles and tutorials.
Any business or professional who wants to make it easy for people to contact them and learn more about their brand can benefit from using a digital business card. This includes freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, salespeople, and more.
ItzMe's digital business cards offer several advantages over traditional paper business cards, including the ability to include more information, the convenience of sharing with others digitally, and the ability to track views and engagement.
Yes, ItzMe's card builder tool allows you to upload your urges and logos to customize your digital business card.
ItzMe's digital business cards do not have a scheduling feature built-in, but you can include a link to your calendar or scheduling tool on your card.
ItzMe does not currently offer direct integration with email or calendar applications, but you can include links to your email and calendar on your digital business card.
ItzMe offers integrations with several popular CRM tools, including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.
Yes, ItzMe allows you to embed videos in your digital business card, making it a great way to showcase your product or services.
ItzMe's analytics tools provide insights into how many people have viewed your digital business card, where they are located, and how they interact with your card, such as click-through rates.
Yes, ItzMe's digital business cards are ideal for networking at events or conferences, as they can be easily shared via email, text, or QR code.
Yes, ItzMe offers a range of templates designed specifically for different industries and professions, including real estate, finance, and healthcare.
Itzme's digital business cards are designed with accessibility in mind and are compliant with WCAG 2.1 standards. The cards can be easily navigated using assistive technologies, such as screen readers.