We offer features such as a background theme, add to contact, About us, unlimited YouTube videos, images up to 40, social media links up to 40, Product description, view count, and infinite sharing options. Globally, Itzme has established itself as one of the most popular and fastest-growing digital business cards.


Packed with ultimate features

Create fully customizable card templates with access to your logo, image gallery, and colour scheme. Include corporate links to direct visitors to your social networking pages, media content, whitepapers, Crunchbase, and other resources. Cards made digitally help your marketing materials.

You can design your Itzme card using the features shown below: Your customer can in only one click

Email, Whatsapp, and social media (FB, Instagram, and YouTube) Map of the Area/Unlimited Share
effective and simple marketing technique
Individualized Dashboard
Simple Edit and Delete Option

What We Do - Brief Business Description, Products and Services Display
Add PDFs, roll out the company profile, automate, and more.

  1. Rich Content - Express yourself in ways that a business card has never allowed. By contributing rich information, such as pictures, videos, and personalised links, you can highlight your work.
  2. You can include more than just your essential contact information on the configurable landing page, including links, social network profiles, payment methods, and a website.
  3. We have pretty much anything you can imagine for your business, including video embeds, payment methods, images, and links that you may customise. All of this can be communicated with simply a phone wave.
  4. You may share your card in every way imaginable using the app and goods (text, email, QR code, NFC, email signatures).
  5. Your data belongs to you. Your data will never be sold or shared by Haystack. To ensure that we maintain this state, we implement enterprise level security & privacy standards.
  6. Through the Admin Dashboard, you have authority over all corporate cards. Create templates, add and remove cards, monitor usage metrics, and specify employee permissions.
  7. HubSpot, Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, and pretty much any other system you use have CRM connectivity built in that let you submit all of your leads to one single area across your whole business.
  8. Customers can use the digital business card to visit your websites and social media accounts.
  9. Utilize our cutting-edge analytics dashboard to keep an eye on your company's prospecting activities. View the performance of each digital business card, the visitor's location, and more.
  10. You can measure user engagement with your card by location, device, and the number of times they have interacted with it in a report on the dashboard.
  11. The number of unique visits, card shares, and total clicks made to call a number on your digital business card are the only analytics and tracking metrics supported by this service.

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Embrace the digitalization of paper cards, let's create one

Save Earth, Go Paperless

Every day, millions of visitors cards are printed and exchanged with esteem clients. Many people keep the cards for a while, but eventually throw them away, which wastes paper and loses our information. In addition to saving paper, digital cards allow us to stay in touch with our clients forever. By eliminating printing, wasting and throwing away paper, we are saving the earth and going paperless.