Share your digital business card online or in person. Your digital card can be shared anywhere, anytime via social media, email, SMS, QR code, etc.


Sharing made easy

With the aid of a digital business card, you can introduce your company to potential customers and provide them with pertinent contact information. It is a really straightforward and spreadable method that aids in building relationships with your audiences. Clients are more likely to keep in touch with you, make connections and deals, and become repeat customers as your digital business cards increase your credibility and trust. In addition to impressing your clients, Itzme digital business cards also offer excellent conversion rates. You can use an Itzme digital business card to go contactless. You can distribute your card on any digital platform at your discretion. In order to engage with your consumers and business partners, you can also add your digital business card to your website.

When you send out email updates or newsletters, you may include an Itzme digital business card with your mail to provide more information about you and your company. Additionally, you may publish your digital business card on social media, which can aid in audience engagement and connection. It's really simple to share your information and take advantage of chances immediately with links and QR codes. Itzme enables you to distribute your contact information via a link or QR code. Anywhere, including the website, calendar invitation, Zoom presentation, and email signature, can add these. The card can be copied or downloaded as a CSV or vCard by the receiver.

Printed business cards with NFC and QR codes that are easy to distribute and add to your contact list. To print business cards, 2 million trees are felled annually. You keep trees in the ground by switching to digital cards.

We are dedicated to restoring the environment. Never will you be in a position where you cannot distribute your digital business card. Even if they don't have the app, anyone can share what we created. We handle all of the possible ways to share your card.

  1. QR code
  2. Card Scanner
  3. Email signature,
  4. Widgets , WhatsApp , Social Media
  5. Email and Sms

There are no restrictions on who can use your contactless digital card when sharing it. Your card has a QR code and a special URL that can be shared with anybody, everywhere; your receivers do not need to download an app or sign up for a new service.


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Save Earth, Go Paperless

Every day, millions of visitors cards are printed and exchanged with esteem clients. Many people keep the cards for a while, but eventually throw them away, which wastes paper and loses our information. In addition to saving paper, digital cards allow us to stay in touch with our clients forever. By eliminating printing, wasting and throwing away paper, we are saving the earth and going paperless.